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Solar Specialist is a renewable energy company focusing on solar energy for hot water and photovoltaic electricity producing applications

Our company offers a one-stop shop to greening your home, farm or business. Rising electricity costs coupled with modern technologies make converting to solar a fantastic option and attractive investment. Solar Specialist offers products with payback periods of as little as one year.

Whether it’s LED lighting, solar geysers, heat pumps, or photo-voltaic solar systems, let us help you to save money.

Our Services

Solar For Your Home

Solar Specialist offers a wide range of products to suit varying applications for residential Photo-voltaic solar power as well as water heating applications.Read More »

Solar For Your Business

If you are planning for your business’ best financial future you would be crazy not to investigate and invest in solar power.Read More »

Solar Hot Water Systems

The main aim is to reduce a house’s overall energy consumption as far as possible before appropriately sizing a solar system to offset the remainder.Read More »

Our mission is to save you money while greening the planet, one installation at a time!

For an honest consultation, obligation free quotes and realistic savings advice, give us call or send us an e-mail and we will gladly discuss how renewable energy can benefit you!