Solar Hot Water Systems in Cape Town

solar hot water systems in Cape TownSolar Specialist offers solar hot water systems in Cape Town.

Solar Hot Water Systems (Solar Water Heating) perfectly compliments a photo-voltaic solar system and vice-versa. The main aim is to reduce a house’s overall energy consumption as far as possible before appropriately sizing a solar system to offset the remainder.

The City of Cape Town estimates that between 40% and 50% of the average household’s energy consumption is used by the electrical geyser. Fitting a correctly sized solar geyser can reduce this cost by as much as 80%.

Fitting a solar geyser or heat pump offers a payback period of as little as 2 years with savings in the hundreds of thousands of rand over the lifespan of the system.

At Solar Specialist, we offer a range of complete solar hot water systems or retrofit systems to work with your existing geyser. Using either a flat plate collector panel or evacuated tubes, we are able to save an average of 70-80% of your household heating costs which contributes significantly to the total monthly bill.

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