Residential Solar Applications:

Solar Specialist offers a wide range of products to suit varying applications for residential Photo-voltaic solar power as well as water heating applications. Take a look below and familiarize yourself with the various possibilities:

Grid Tied Photo-voltaic systems

These systems have no battery storage but send electricity produced by the solar panels straight into your household loads or even back into the grid. Typically this system is slightly cheaper than off-grid/storage systems, however, it doesn’t offer autonomy for incidents of power failures.


  • Lower upfront costs
  • Easily scaleable/up-gradable
  • Almost zero maintenance and 25 years+ lifespan
  • Can be integrated with a battery backup system in future
  • Has ability to back-feed into the grid

Off-Grid / hybrid Systems 

These systems use batteries to store excess energy when solar production exceeds household consumption. The excess solar energy stored in the batteries can be used in the evenings after sunset until a low battery level is reached. The grid power is then seamlessly re-instated as the main power supply until sunrise. Switching between Solar/Eskom/batteries is controlled by a smart inverter and is completely automated. Off-Grid systems are typically the best option for residential systems where the house may be empty for most of the day. In this scenario, batteries are critical to store the solar energy for the evenings.


  • Seamless switching between solar/batteries and Eskom by smart inverter
  • Power backup for household in times of load shedding/power cuts
  • Batteries will last 5-15 years depending on type and daily use
  • 25 year+ life expectancy on all parts besides the batteries